Diesel and gasoline injectors laboratory / How to prepare?
How to prepare?

In addition to technical assistance from the scope of the reconditioning of the diesel systems we help in preparation of the premises for the injectors laboratory, unit injectors or diesel pumps. We inform you also of the required skills of future servicemen working on components remanufacture.

Adaptation of premises

At the end of the presentation of the workshop in our company in Krakow, Poland we pass information about adapting premises and necessary installation.
In particular, we draw your attention to the following elements:

1. Surface area and number of rooms
2. The ventilation system
3. Compressed air system
4. Electricity Supply
5. Lighting
6. Preparation of floors, walls
7. Buying or creating proper work benches and other necessary furniture
8. Access to water, sanitation
9. Setting the machine in a suitable configuration due to the noise that they generate and
in view of the technological line
10. The list of small tools, that laboratory should be equipped with
11. Other issues related to the adaptation of the premises.


Based on our experience we provide profile information on employees who work best as a mechanic that reconditions the injectors and as an manager of the office. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need employees with knowledge on diesel components repair. We'll teach them.