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Technical trainings

Purchase of equipment and tools for injector repair is just the beginning ...

As part of the purchase of the injectors laboratory we guarantee FREE OF COST, practical, technical trainings for technology of injectors remanufacture.
Trainings are at customers place and covers topics related to components for which the laboratory was equipped.

After installing all equipment and tools in the workshop, we begin the cycle of trainings. Training consists in the transfer of practical knowledge about the process of remanufacture of the injections, and in particular their dismantling into pieces, organoleptic and microscopical verification, selection of spare parts, cleaning, assembly, calibration, adjustment, testing and preparation for shipment to the customer. The whole process is based on the assumption of reaching the minimum amount of complaints. We have developed a technology of repair which is of the highest quality and can be compared with the quality of the factory.

What with experience in the repair of the injectors?

Remanufacture of injection systems causes a lot of problems for companies that are at the beginning of this activity. We provide our experience gained over many years of work. The road to this knowledge is very difficult and bumpy. Literature on this topic is not available, and repair technology contains only basic technical information. Many issues associated with specific cases can surprise an inexperienced technician. A large part of our knowledge is based on practical experience, on the basis of which we were able to determine how to proceed with the relevant models of vehicles, or the type of remanufactured injectors. On training are discussed specific cases of injectors repair with detailed descriptions of how to remanufacture these components to work properly in the vehicle.

It is worth noting that the new company that provides injector service should from the very beginning work with the highest quality.
A satisfied customer will transmit the good reputation of the company for the next customers.
In the case of a warranty claim in addition to the nervous atmosphere, the financial losses resulting from having to refund money for remanufactured injectors and additional costs associated with dismantling/mounting the injectors from/to the associated parts and engine (e.g. screws, washers) can took place. Do not forget that the dissatisfied customer will transmit the negative opinion to many other potential customers. Working on a good reputation is a very hard job and our goal is to help you with this process.

Discussed are also issues related to the work of the office for example stock of spare parts, ordering of spare parts, customer service, documents.

Technical trainings are done by diesel trainer M.Sc., Eng. Michael Gladysek.

We provide also additional training covering 3rd step of injector repair at a customer's place. This training is authorized by Bosch. We are the only company in Poland with such privilage.

We provide the appropriate certificates confirming the implementation of the technology of injection systems repair by installing diesel laboratory equipment and completion of cycle of technical trainings concerning procedures of injection systems reconditioning.

After completed training we guarantee technical hotline for injector repair issues - see next section.

List of types of injectors, which employees of your company will repair right after training

Training includes a full overview of the process of remanufacture, cleaning and testing different types of injectors and transfer of knowledge of custom ways to repair them (a list regards to injectors laboratory in the full version):

1. 1-spring injectors
a. pintle Bosch with 10-digits reference no e.g. 0 432 217 001
b. pintle Bosch with only cast number given e.g. KCA 21 S 71
c. multi pinhole Bosch from passanger car
d. multi pinhole Bosch from commercial vehicle, including side-feed e.g. Mercedes
e. steering injector with NBF
f. injectors of other producers like: Lucas, Denso, Zexel, Stanadyne
2. 2-spring injectors
a. pintle Bosch from passanger car
a. multi pinhole Bosch from passanger car
b. multi pinhole Bosch from commercial vehicle
c. steering injector with NBF
d. Delphi from passanger car
3. Electromagnetic Common Rail Bosch injectors
a. from passanger cars, generations CRI 1, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd step of repair
b. from commercial vehicles CRIN 1, 2, 3 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd step of repair
c. hybrid injector from Mitsubishi
d. injectors of the newest construction e.g. CRI 2.2-M2, 2.5 - partial repair is possible
e. generating new IMA
4. Piezoelectric Common Rail Bosch injectors
a. all types from '115' for 1600 bar to '118' for 2200-2500 bar
b. generating new IMA and ISA codes
5. Electromagnetic Common Rail Delphi injectors
a. with a steering chamber as a separate part
b. with a steering chamber integrated with the nozzle
c. generating new C2i and C3i codes for Delphi injectors
6. Electromagnetic Common Rail Denso injectors
a. 2-pin
b. 4-pin
7. Piezoelectric Common Rail VDO / Siemens / Continental
8. Unit injectors from passanger cars - VW group
a. electromagnetic Bosch 1st generation from engines 1.4, 1.9, 2.5, 5.0 TDI
b. electromagnetic Bosch 2nd generation and piezoelectric VDO from 2.0 TDI
9. Unit injectors electromagnetic from commercial vehicles
a. UIN-2 generation e.g. Volvo, Scania
b. UIN-3 generation e.g. Iveco Stralis from 2007
10. Gasoline injectors
a. electromagnetic with indirect injection
b. electromagnetic and piezoelectric with direct injection
11. Other types of Common Rail injectors, for which at the moment there is no repair technology, or there is no available spare parts. It is only possible to clean and test.
a. piezoelectric Denso
b. piezoelectric Delphi - currently withdrawn from the market
c. electromagnetic Bosch of the newest construction from commercial vehicles e.g. CRIN 3.3, 4.2 (2-coil)