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Hotline help

Do you deal with the problem? You cannot properly recondition injectors? Give us a call!

After a completed technical training we offer a free hotline for our clients.

We advise in the following areas:
- technical issues related to the recondition of the injectors, unit injectors
- usage of tools and devices
- computer software and updates
- diagnose possible service equipment malfunctions, and then its repair
- selection and ordering of spare parts for the injectors.

The training ensures the acquisition of knowledge to allow the remanufacture of the injectors and unit injectors. Despite our efforts, we are unable to foresee all the problems that you may encounter during the recondition of the injectors.
However, you are not alone! We are always with you.
For support there is no time limit. We cooperate and support all customers - including those to whom we have installed the laboratory many years ago.

 Did you know that ...?

Below are ten selected questions which you will discover the answers during training in the repair of injectors and what consequences carries a lack of knowledge and experience.

1. What it is and how to diagnose the fourth group of chatter?
The consequences when you don't know the answer.
You qualify good nozzles as damaged. You order new ones and you qualify them also as faulty.
When you know the answer.
You put the correct diagnosis, replacing only the damaged items. Repair is faster, cheaper and didn't encounter problems.
2. What causes presence of engine oil on the injector return hose in CR Delphi system in TDCi engines and how to fix this issue?
You receive numerous complaints from clients. You are not able to correctly recondition CR Delphi injectors.
Repaired injectors are in good condition. You don't risk cleaning of the fuel system in a vehicle at your expense.
3. What is the value of the full-load dose and pilot injection to be set in the injectors of the CRI 2.1 generation from BMW engines?
Setting to factory defaults does not bring the expected results.
Engine knocks under load.
Repaired injectors are in working order. The engine has a high work culture.
4. How to adjust the injector from the Fiat / Alfa / Opel 1.9 CDTi e.g. Vectra C to have stable idle run? Setting to factory defaults does not bring the expected results.
The engine vibrates at idle. There are large corrections of doses in the engine. 'Check-engine' is shown on the dashboard.
Repaired injectors are in working order. The engine has a high work culture. Corrections of doses at idling are close to zero, there are no fault codes in the ECU.
5. Which connection of parts in MAN injectors is responsible for the increased return flow even when all elements that you normally replace are new?
You're dismantling and mounting injector again many times, you are replacing a new part to another one - also new, eventually you quit.
You recondition injector, you receive good, low return flow.

6. What impact does the distance of the actuator to the injector coil to valve ball lift of the CR injector?

Electrical test of valve lift using 3rd step is not functioning properly.
You can't diagnose or repair injector.
You repair injector, diagnoze whether you're dealing with an invalid valve lift, or an invalid air gap.
7. How and at what voltage examine the short to ground of the piezoelectric injector?
You give a faulty injector to your customer, which according to you has the correct electrical parameters - basically it passed test on the digital multimeter.
You correctly diagnoses the injectors electrical problems.
8. What capacity in µF piezoelectric injector should have and how to examine the unloading resistor built into it?
You can't diagnose injector with electrics failure.
You correctly diagnoses the injectors electrical problems.
9. What affects idling dose of UIN-3 unit injectors (eg. Iveco Stralis after 2007.) and how to adjust it?
You are not able to repair these unit injectors. Some of them have a dose of 0 mm^3/H, some 2-3 times more than the maximum value.
You know which elements affect the dose adjustment and how to get the correct values.
10. What to do when after the dismantling of the unit injectors from the engine and reassembling the car lost power, what is the cause and how to fix this issue?
You can't find the cause of the fault, you are exposed to the purchase of a set of unit injectors for the customer at your expense.
You know what has caused the issue and what you must do to restore the efficiency of unit injectors, which in turn restores engine power.