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Hotline help

Do you deal with the problem while repairing diesel pump?
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We provide a free hotline for our clients on the issues related to diesel pumps. Hotline is a supplement to technical training previously carried out.

We advise in the following areas:
- the technical details of repair of the diesel pumps
- equipment and tools to repair pumps
- computer software and updates
- diagnose possible malfunction of the test bench, and then repair of it
- selection and ordering of spare parts for pumps.

Training provides the knowledge acquisition to allow the repair of injection pumps and high pressure pumps. Despite our efforts, we are unable to foresee all the problems that you may encounter during repair of pumps.
However, you are not alone! We are always with you.
We support all customers - including those to whom we have installed the laboratory many years ago.

Did you know that ...?

Below are ten selected questions which you will discover the answers during training in the repair of diesel pumps and what consequences carries a lack of knowledge and experience.
1. Which type of high pressure seals should be used, since they are available two types of seals in CP1H pumps . Whether to apply to the service information on the subject?
The consequences when you don't know the answer.
You repair the pump by using one of the types of seals without a proper selection. The pump is back on the complaint after 10-15 thousands km of mileage with external leaks.
B. You use the manufacturer's service information. The pump also goes back to the complaint with the same symptoms, as in paragraph (A).
In both cases, you do not know the cause of the leaks.
When you know the answer.
You correctly choose type of seals. The pump is not leaking, you're not charged with the costs of re-repair, disassembly/assembly of the pump from the engine.
2. Whether it would be advisable to replace return valve in CR pump or VP pumps?
A percentage of Common Rail pumps goes to the complaint with signs of smearing of precision pars. Part of the VP pumps incorrectly adjusts the angle of the injection.
Common Rail Pump are properly lubricated and cooled down. VP pumps properly regulate the injection angle.
3. Which elements of the Delphi CR pumps slowly peels?
You repaired the pump, hoping to remove the causes of the formation of filings. Customer comes back to complaint after few months. The entire fuel system includes filings. Injectors are damaged, pump has to be repaired with all new parts. The cost of repair of the vehicle again is approx. 2.500 €.
You completely remove the cause of the formation of particles from the pump. The pump has the same parameters as the new component.
4. How to diagnose whether a head with rollers and the shaft of CR Delphi pump may be rapidly destroyed and how to avoid such a situation on the test bench?
One for a few Delphi CR pumps completely destroyes on the test bench. You destroy new parts permanently that you have just put inside. There are matellic filings inside of test bench. Re-repair of the pump and cleaning of the test bench is an expense of approx. 800 €. You don't know the reasons for such a phenomenon, the situation will take place again in the future.
You properly diagnose the pump if it has a tendency to produce filings. In the case of such symptoms of this phenomenon you quickly turn off the test bench, protecting it from contamination with filings from the pump. You know, where is the cause of the problem. You repair the pump in that way that it has the parameters of the new component.
5. How to recondition CR Delphi pump head?
You replace every damaged head. The cost of pump repairing is unnecessarily higher. Some customers doesn't want to repair it because of high expense.
You recondition the head. The client receive repaired pump for a lower amount. Most customers decides to repair the pump.

6. How to set the parameters of the test bench so that you can test the pump Denso HP3 pump from Nissan Navara or cars with the same engine?

You are not able to test this pump on test bench. Any attempt to replace the power supply and the return, dosing valve steering etc. do not bring expected results.
You test this pump with a detailed report.
7. Which element of the CR Siemens VDO pump often makes engine difficult to start? How to proceed when the pump after installation of new parts doesn't have sufficient flow on the high pressure connector?
You have problems with diagnosing pump faults on the car. When mounted on the test bench you're not sure why pump doesn't have flow, any attempt to change the supply pressure, steering type etc. do not bring results.
In the event of failure of the pump before its dismantling of the engine you can easily diagnose if it is the cause of start up problems. You know how to make it operatable on the test bench. After starting of dosing pump passes all the tests correctly.
8. What to do when in the VP44 pump from Audi in the tenth step of calibration it is not possible to stabilize injection dose and calibration stops?
You're needlessly replacing pump parts like its head. Calibration still fails. You gave up.
You know how to solve the problem and the pump calibrates with positive result - without the replacement of any additional parts in the pump.
9. How to properly lock the VP pump shaft when test bench is not blocking it in the desired position?
You do a lot of electronic settings of pressing start, and eventually after some time the shaft blocks properly. You are wasting time and money.
You know an easy way, how to make the test bench to electronically set start of pressing each time in the correct position.
10. How to recondition the valve of unit pumps from PLD, choose the oversized piston, adjust the internal dimensions and achieve the correct dose and BIP signal?
You can't repair most of the unit pumps.
You repair almost every unit pump. After the repair pump has parameters of the new component.

How to prepare?

Similarly, as in the case of the installing of the injectors workshop, we help in preparation of the rooms for the workshop of diesel pumps and we provide profile guidance of employees who will work with this business.