Diesel pumps laboratory / Technical trainings
Technical trainings

Purchase of test bench for diesel pumps is just the beginning ...

As part of the purchase of the pumps laboratory we guarantee FREE OF COST, practical, technical trainings for technology of diesel pumps remanufacture.
Trainings are at customers place and covers topics related to components for which the laboratory was equipped.

After installing the test bench in the workshop, we begin the cycle of trainings. Training consists in the transfer of practical knowledge about the process of pumps reconditioning, and in particular their dismantling into pieces, verification, selection of spare parts, cleaning, assembly, calibration, testing and preparation for shipment to the customer. The whole process is based on the assumption of reaching the minimum amount of complaints. We have developed a technology of repair which is of the highest quality and can be compared with the quality of the factory.

What's with the experience in the repair of diesel pumps?

Reconditioning of the diesel pumps creates a lot of issues for companies that are at the beginning of this activity. Most of them began the remanufacture of injectors in an earlier time or made a purchase of the laboratory both for the injectors and pumps at the same time. In both cases, for the unconscious technician there are many situations waiting that require experience or technical expertise and support. The training we provide is based on our experience gained over many years of work. The road to this knowledge is very difficult and bumpy. Literature on this topic is not available, and repair technology contains only strict technical information. Many issues associated with specific cases can surprise an inexperienced technician. A large part of our knowledge is based on practical experience, on the basis of which we were able to determine how to proceed with the relevant models of vehicles, or the type of remanufactured pumps. On training are discussed specific cases of repair of pumps with detailed descriptions of how to recondition these components to work properly in the vehicle.

It is worth noting that the new company should work from the very beginning with the highest quality. A satisfied customer will transmit the good reputation of the company to the next customers. In the case of a warranty claim in addition to the nervous atmosphere, the financial losses arising from the need to repay the money for the remanufactured part may come with additional costs associated with dismantling/assembly of the pump/engine and parts associated with it (e.g. seals, timing belt). Do not forget that the dissatisfied customer will transmit the negative view to many other potential customers. Achieving a good reputation is a very hard work to do and our goal is to help you with this process.

Discussed are also issues related to the work of diesel office for example stock of parts, ordering of spare parts, customer service, documents like reports, quality control, invoices.

Technical trainings are done by diesel trainer M.Sc., Eng. Michael Gladysek.

After completed training we guarantee technical hotline for issues related to diesel components - see next section.

List of pumps that employees of your company we will repair right after training

Training includes a full overview of the process of recondition of the different types of pumps and transfer of knowledge of custom ways to repair them (a list of pumps concerns the workshop in a full version):

1. Common Rail Bosch pumps
a. CP1 type
- CP1K (with/without EAV valve)
- CP1S (with/without EAV valve)
- CP1H (with/without gear pump)
b. CP3 type, also exchange of bearing sleeves
- CP3S (with/without gear pump), CP3.2, CP3.3
- CP3H
- CP3.4 lubricated with fuel or engine oil from MAN
2. Common Rail Delphi pumps
a. DFP.1 type
b. DFP.3 type
3. Common Rail Denso pumps
a. HP2 type
b. HP3 type
c. HP4 type
4. Common Rail VDO / Siemens / Continental pumps
a. pumps with PCV and VCV
Distributor pumps of VP type with ECU
a. radial type VP44
- Bosch
- Zexel
b. axial type VP30
c. axial type VP29
6. Unit pumps from PLD system
a. Bosch unit pumps from PLD system with/without a roller tappet