Presentations in Poland
Presentations in Poland
We'd like to invite you to the presentation of the diesel workshop!

We organize meetings for the starting of the workshop for injectors and pumps repairs.
We present our activities which regard to the high quality of the services provided, market overview of remanufactured diesel components and its types and equipment necessary for their reconditioning and, in particular, issues related to:

Repair of electromagnetic Common Rail injectors produced by Bosch and Delphi
a. 1st, 2nd and 3rd step of repair
b. Creating of new classification and IMA codes for injectors

2. Testing of all types of CR injectors, including piezoelectric ones

3. Internal chemical cleaning of all CR injector types

4. Repair of 1-spring and 2-spring injectors

5. Cleaning and testing of gasoline injectors

6. Unit injectors service:
a. Cleaning with chemical detergent
b. Reconditioning
c. Checking nozzle condition on EPS 205
d. Testing whole unit injector on CAMBOX.

7. Diesel pumps:
a. Common Rail Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens
b. VP 29, 30, 44
c. Unit pumps from PLD system.

8. Cleaning fuel system on the vehicle

9. Other.

Then we go to the workshop to discuss its main elements, we answer questions, advise on how to prepare the rooms in which the media would be fitted with etc.
We inform you about free of cost practical training, which we provide as a part of the purchase of the laboratory and the technical hotline after its completion.
Once we know the equipment corresponding to the needs of the client we prepare an offer.

Presentation term

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